100 Things NOT to take on Your Camping Trip

  1. A leather hole puncher.
  2. An ice bucket
  3. The change you have been saving for 23 years.
  4. Wrestling shoes.
  5. Antique guitars
  6. Blue mason jars.
  7. Shot glasses from the 1903 Worlds Fair.
  8. 25 rugs.
  9. 2 years worth of cleaning supplies.
  10. 3 years worth of charcoal
  11. 4 years worth of paper plates.
  12. 22 bottles of liquor.
  13. 4 wireless mice without the transmitters.
  14. 87 phone chargers.
  15. 3 comforters.
  16. Extra outlet covers.
  17. Ethernet end pieces.
  18. Unmatched socks.
  19. A non-working printer.
  20. 42 screwdrivers.
  21. 4 laptops
  22. 16 towels.
  23. 4 huge containers of laundry detergent.
  24. Halloween decorations.
  25. Christmas decorations.
  26. 150 wash rags.
  27. 3 brooms
  28. 3 sets of sheets.
  29. 250 dryer sheets.

If you count the multiple items, it’s way over 100. Living on the road and pseudo-hoarding don’t mix. The key to successfully living in your camper on the road is to learn how to embrace your minimalist self, and if that doesn’t exist – to find one at your local discount store and have it installed in your right lobe.

I can’t turn around without knocking something on the floor, It’s ridiculous. Every storage space in the camper is full, the truck bed and back seat are full and I still have to stack stuff outside. I thought this would be a good cure for my thrift store addiction, but it hasn’t.

I have gotten better at throwing stuff out. i no longer pretend I’m going to fix it later, install it on Wednesday or reorganize it on the weekend. If I can’t find a place for it or it isn’t working 1000% correctly at the moment, it gets chucked or put out on the picnic table with a FREE sign next to it.

Simplicity is pretty complex.

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