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Domain RegistrationIn order to have your own website, you’ll need a custom URL. These “domain names” are purchased and renewed on a yearly basis and can cost anywhere from $5-$50,000 depending on the popularity of the requested domain. You aren’t limited to a “dot com” domain as many new top level domains (the part after the dot) have been released in the recent years. Choose from .biz, .store, .art and a gazillion more. Once you have your domain, you’ll need to register administration, technical and business contacts and get it added to domain name services (DNS)$29.99 + cost of the domain
Host configuration for domainOnce you have your domain, it will need to configured on a host (the place where your website will live). This service is included in the packages on the first page but you can order it separately if needed$29.99
eMail ConfigurationWhy have your own custom domain and stick with an @gmail.com or @yahoo.com email address? You paid for it and it looks much more professional to use your domain – you@yourbusinessname.com. This service includes setup of the email system, creation of up to 5 email addresses and client configuration (on your computer so you can get the mail)$39.99
additional email address creation/
add additional email addresses on top of the included 5.$4.99
Content updatesDon’t want to be bothered by updating your site yourself? We will do it for $30/hour, billed in 15 min increments$30/hour